O modo fantasma do Instander realmente funciona?

Does Instander's Ghost Mode Actually Work?

Lots of folks have been wondering – does Internauta‘s “ghost mode” really do what it says? Or is it just fake? I tested it myself, and I’m happy to report that ghost mode 100% works as advertised.

What Does Ghost Mode Do?

Ghost mode lets you be invisible on Instagram. It stops people from seeing:

  • When you’ve read their messages
  • When you’re typing a reply
  • When you’ve viewed their stories

This gives you more privacy. But is it real?

Testing Ghost Mode

Here’s the easy way to check if ghost mode works:

  1. Make a new Instagram account.
  2. Use your main account to follow the new one.
  3. Send a DM from your main account to the new one.
  4. Open Instander and read the message with ghost mode turned on.
  5. Look at the new account – it won’t show the message as seen!

I did this test myself, and ghost mode worked perfectly to hide my activity.

The Bottom Line

Even though new apps make people cautious, I can say Instander’s ghost mode is 100% real. It lets you browse and chat more privately, just like it claims.

Of course, you should test it yourself too. But I think you’ll find the same thing I did – ghost mode works exactly as expected!

So rest easy – Instander gives you real features to improve your Instagram experience. Turn on ghost mode to take control of your privacy.

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