Is Instander Safe to Use?

Is Instander Safe to use

In this article, I’ll focus on addressing a commonly asked question: Is Instander safe? Many new users wonder about its safety, whether their data might be compromised, and various other concerns. I aim to cover all aspects related to Instander’s security in this post, hoping to clear any doubts by the end.

What is Instander?

So, what exactly is Instander? It’s an upgraded version of Instagram developed by Meta. It offers extra features not found in the original app, allowing users to download photos, videos, reels, stories, and IGTV videos. Additionally, it enables viewing full-profile pictures and has a Ghost mode feature, offering options like hiding message seen status and viewing stories anonymously.

Is Instander Really Secure?

Now, onto the big question: How secure is Instander? The answer is quite straightforward – it’s trustworthy. Soon, Instander’s source code will go public, turning it into an open-source project. This move ensures there’s no risk of security breaches or data leaks. Moreover, it doesn’t operate in the background and asks for user permission to access files or the camera. Therefore, there’s no need to worry. Instander is completely safe to use, resting at a secure 101%. You can rely on it. As the creator, I’ve developed this app with the best intentions, making it an open-source endeavor.

Final Words

To wrap up, Instander users, fear not! Enjoy its features without any concerns about safety or other uncertainties. If you have suggestions, feel free to ask in the comment section.

Thank you for reading!

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