Instander vs Instagram Pro: Which One is Better


Instander and Instagram Pro have emerged as two of the most popular customized versions of Instagram. With additional features not found in the original app, they provide power users more control and customization. But which one is better? Let’s break it down.

At its core, Instander is designed with privacy and control in mind. Created by the solo developer ‘The Dise’, it lets you hide your online status, disable read receipts on messages, download content, and save posts without liking them. The clone version can’t be installed with the official Instagram app, while the unclone operates as a standalone application which means you can install both Instander and Instagram at the same time.

Instagram Pro is developed by a group of anonymous contributors on GitHub. It focuses more on improvements, like copying text from profiles, saving captions when downloading images, and copying comments. However, without an official website or transparency into who created it, some users are wary of potential privacy risks.

Head-to-Head Comparison

When comparing the features side-by-side, Instander clearly has the edge:

  • Instander offers two versions – clone and non-clone. Instagram Pro does not.
  • Instander allows downloading stories. Instagram Pro lacks this capability.
  • Instander has advanced developer options. Instagram Pro does not.
  • Instander provides profile verification. Instagram Pro has no equivalent.
  • Instander has an official website for support. Instagram Pro does not.

Final Notes

So which should you choose? While Instagram Pro has its merits, Instander’s more extensive feature set, committed developer community, and open approach make it the superior modded Instagram client in my view. But don’t just take my word for it – try them both yourself and see which enhancements matter most to you!

In the end, the choice between Instander and Instagram Pro comes down to personal preference. But for those seeking more transparency and greater control over their Instagram experience, Instander remains hard to beat.

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