A Guide to Fix Instander Crashing When Opening Comments?

A Guide to Fix Instander Crashing When Opening Comments

Oh no! Some Instander users are running into an annoying crash bug when trying to open comments. Out of the blue, the app shows an error saying “Instander Crashed, Select an Option to Complete Action.”

This crash totally disrupts the Instagramming experience we’ve come to expect from the mighty Instander. Without it, browsing Instagram just isn’t the same!

If you’ve also faced such sudden Instander crashes while opening comments, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll walk through different solutions to fix this crash problem once and for all.

Tips to Fix Instander Crashing

If you experience the Instander app crashing when opening comments, try these fixes:

Clear Cache and Data

Open Instander Settings > Apps > Instander > Storage > Clear Cache and Clear Data. Then reopen the app and login again. Clearing app data will wipe temporary buggy files causing the crash.

Check for Updates

Go to Instander Settings > About > Check for Updates. Install any pending update for Instander. Updates often contain crucial bug and stability fixes.

Restart Your Phone

Sometimes restarting your phone can clear background processes and temporary glitches that cause apps to crash randomly.

Free Up Storage Space

Make sure your phone has at least 500MB of free storage space for Instander to run smoothly. Low storage can lead to lag and app crashes.

Free Up RAM

Close all apps running in the background that are consuming RAM. Instander may crash if your phone has low free RAM available.

Reinstall Instander

If all else fails, uninstall Instander and install the latest version again from official sources. This will eliminate any corrupted files.

Alternative Instagram Apps

If the crashing issue persists even after trying all solutions, you can check out some alternative Instagram client apps similar to Instander:

  • LitInsta: Fast and lightweight Instagram mod
  • InstaUltra: Features like download, no ads etc.
  • InstaPro: Great for custom themes and privacy
  • InstaPlus: Optimized Instagram experience
  • GBInstagram: Feature-rich mod with large community
  • Honista: You can give it a try

I hope these fixes help resolve the crashing issue with Instander app when opening comments. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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